Congressman Rooney introduced a bill to stop China from exploiting American universities

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Congressman Rooney introduced a bill to stop China from exploiting American universities, September 13, 2018 | Chris Berardi (202-897-7700) | comments

Washington, D.C.- Today, Congressman Francis Rooney introduced the Stop Higher Education Espionage and Theft (SHEET) Act of 2018 in the House of Representatives to stop foreign intelligence services from using college exchange programs to steal technology, recruit agents and spread propaganda. This bill accompanies a Senate bill introduced by Senator Ted Cruz.

Congressman Rooney stated, “Geopolitical adversaries like China are stealing American technology and exploiting our universities’ open research and development environment. One glaring example, Confucius Institutes, are used as a front by the Chinese Communist Party to infiltrate American campuses to gather information and steal American technologies. We must stop foreign intelligence from exploiting our higher education for technology theft.”=

Senator Cruz stated, “The Chinese Communist Party is working to undermine American universities by meddling with curricula, silencing criticism of their regime, and stealing intellectual property. Creating accountability for Confucius Institutes is a necessary step to protect our institutions of higher learning, and I’m glad that Rep. Rooney has introduced this important legislation.”

Background on the SHEET Act:

  • Allows the FBI to designate foreign intelligence threats to higher education
  • Requires stricter reporting rules by universities which receive foreign gifts
  • Protects civil liberties by allowing designations to be appealed similar to Foreign Terrorist Organization designations





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