Congressman Francis Rooney invites Dunbar High School to present before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce

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Congressman Francis Rooney invites Dunbar High School to present before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, July 12, 2018 | Chris Berardi (202-897-7700) | comments

Washington, D.C.- Today, Congressman Francis Rooney announced his invitation to Dunbar High School Principal Carl Burnside to participate in a House Education and the Workforce Committee showcase about innovations in education. 

Congressman Rooney stated, “I would like to thank Principal Burnside on his service to our community, and invite him to address the Committee on Dunbar High’s innovative science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) program. This is a great opportunity to showcase Dunbar High School’s state of the art technology, engineering, and biomedical academy, which provides students with opportunities to excel in these in demand fields.”

Principal Burnside stated, “As a long-standing educator of career and technical education, I was extremely excited to hear that Dunbar High School was invited to address the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.  I feel truly honored to share the kinds of career and technical education opportunities that Dunbar has developed to prepare students for both college and careers.  Our technical program tracks, that include obtaining industry certification in areas like network administration, desktop support, game design and programming, TV production, and web design alongside the engineering and biomedical programs, have helped to accelerate our students into those related college programs or career pathways. I truly believe that introducing these advanced career programs have truly changed the future paths of many of our students. I have seen students rise up from humble circumstances into amazing career and college level opportunities. Our school, programs and students have received the attention of worldwide audiences that understand the power of preparing our nation’s youth for something real and significant towards their interests in order to secure success for their future. Dunbar High School has developed a true international following that has enabled us to have credibility in our local community, which in turn translates into many career prospects for the students in our programs. We have developed business partnerships that help to engage our students in community action and produced a variety of other outreach experiences related to the programs.”



The House Committee on Education and the Workforce is holding an innovation forum and showcase on July 25th to recognize outstanding education programs from across the country. The event will consist of two parts. Part one will be an oral testimony before Committee members followed by a question and answer period. Part two consists of a Congressional Showcase, where Dunbar High will display information about their program, and will have the opportunity to answer questions from Members of Congress, staff, and the public. This is the first time a Southwest Florida school official has had the opportunity to testify before Congress about their programs.


Dunbar High School is one of forty programs from across the United States invited to share their testimony with Members of Congress.  



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