Congressman Francis Rooney Statement on border separations

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Congressman Francis Rooney Statement on border separations, June 19, 2018 | Chris Berardi (202-897-7700) | comments

Congressman Francis Rooney issued the following statement:

"I am in favor of significant changes to our immigration, visa and asylum systems – and have sponsored or co-sponsored several bills to address this – bills which secure our border, more quickly adjudicate asylum seekers, introduce skills-based immigration, and end chain migration.

Regarding the separation of children crossing illegally with their parents - children should be kept with their families, detained as a family if crossing illegally, and then directed back across the border.

I support the legislation proposed by Senator Ted Cruz, which would:

• Double the number of federal immigration judges
• Authorize new temporary shelters with accommodations to keep families together
• Mandate that families be kept together, absent aggravated criminal conduct or threat of harm to the children
• Provide for expedited processing and review of asylum cases so that - within 14 days - those who meet the legal standards will be granted asylum and those who do not will be immediately returned to their home countries.

Any solution to these issues should be paid for with currently appropriated and allocated funds and not increased government spending."

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