Francis Rooney focuses on Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades in key meetings

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Francis Rooney focuses on Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades in key meetings , November 7, 2017 | Chris Berardi (202-897-7700) | comments

Washington, D.C.- Today, Congressman Francis Rooney participated in three important meetings related to Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades.


As a member of the Everglades Caucus, Congressman Rooney took part in discussions with the Army Corp of Engineers on Hurricane Irma damage to the Everglades ecosystem and the ongoing review of damage to projects that are currently under construction. The Caucus also discussed timelines and funding for the Herbert Hoover Dike.

In addition to today’s Caucus meeting, Congressman Rooney also met separately with representatives of the Everglades Foundation and Vice President Pence’s office. Both meetings focused on expediting Everglades restoration projects and completing repairs to the Herbert Hoover Dike. 

Congressman Rooney stated, “We are at a critical time for funding Herbert Hoover Dike repairs. I thank President Trump for directing this project be expedited. Our Congressional delegation, business community and area conservation groups are all united in pursuit of the funding necessary to complete this project and the 68 projects called for in the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. The quality of our Southwest Florida waterways, estuaries and marshes is the driving force behind our economy and why most of us have chosen to live here.”

The Lake Okeechobee watershed and Everglades have far-ranging impact on the entire State of Florida and the country, but especially in Southeast and Southwest Florida, where 55% of all real estate in the state is affected - 2 trillion dollars of economic impact across 164 cities and 16 counties. CERP was enacted in 2000 and includes 68 projects.

Congressman Rooney has testified four times on water quality issues. In addition to this testimony, Congressman Rooney sent a letter to President Trump, co-signed by every member of the Florida Congressional delegation, that called on the President to support Everglades Restoration projects in his fiscal year 2018 Budget. He has also authored a letter to the Interior and Environment Appropriations Committee requesting funding for Everglades projects.  Congressman Rooney is a member of the Everglades Caucus and the Estuary Caucus.




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