Congressman Francis Rooney Announces Support of Trump Executive Order on Cuba

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Congressman Francis Rooney Announces Support of Trump Executive Order on Cuba, June 16, 2017 | Chris Berardi (202-897-7700) | comments

Congressman Francis Rooney today announced his support of President Donald Trump’s executive order on Cuba.  The order reinstates travel restrictions, stresses the importance of the 56-year-old trade embargo and puts in place a broad prohibition on financial transactions with companies controlled by the Cuban government’s military.

Congressman Rooney stated, “President Trump is correct in his decision to rescind this terrible deal with Cuba that was put in place by President Barack Obama.  It does nothing to help the Cuban people and everything to enrich the corrupt Castro regime. We should not reward brutal dictators with economic and political gain."

For many years, Venezuela has been the main financial backer of the Cuban government.  The collapse of Maduro’s socialist government in Venezuela presented a condition ripe for real change in Cuba and sadly the Obama administration missed the mark. We got neither freedom nor transparency, and the same army-run enterprises control economic activity and hard currency in Cuba.

President Trump’s Cuban policy will limit direct financial transactions to this army company, GAESA, which is owned by the Revolutionary Armed Forces and controls as much as 80 percent of the Cuban tourism industry, and extends throughout  every profitable area of the Cuban economy, controlling hotel chains, car rental agencies and sales companies, banks, credit card and remittance services, supermarkets, clothing shops, real estate development companies, gasoline stations, import and export companies, shipping and construction companies, warehouses and airlines. GAESA has enriched the Castro family while continuing to leave the Cuban people impoverished. 



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