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Congressman Francis Rooney to visit Golisano Children’s Hospital
October 18, 2017
Fort Myers, FL- Today, Congressman Francis Rooney will visit Golisano Children’s Hospital in Fort Myers to thank hospital and Lee Health staff for their service during Hurricane Irma. Congressman Rooney stated “I value Golisano Children’s Hospital and Lee Health’s critical service to our community, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. I am thankful for the dedication of the doctors, nurses, and staff of the Hospital during these trying times. Our community is lucky to have them to keep... More
Opinion Pieces
A Long View on Iran
October 16, 2017
There are four elements in Iran that bear on United States foreign policy interests: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the “Supreme Leader;” his theocratic power base, the Revolutionary Guards and its Quds Force unit; President Hassan Rouhani and his elected government; and the Iranian people themselves, which includes a broad middle class. The distinction between the first three and the final element could possibly create an opportunity for some form of American outreach to the segment of these people wh... More
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Congressman Francis Rooney Requests Extension of 90% Cost Share for Hurricane Irma Debris Removal
October 12, 2017
Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Francis Rooney led a letter to President Donald Trump, requesting that the ninety percent federal cost share for disaster debris cleanup be extended for an additional thirty days. The text of the letter follows below: Dear Mr. President, We write to express our gratitude for declaring a ninety percent federal cost share for Hurricane Irma debris removal. This federal assistance has made a tremendous impact in allowing our communities to begin the recovery and ... More
Opinion Pieces
Kurdistan Deserves U.S. Support. Here Is Why
October 11, 2017
With 72 percent turnout and a 93 percent affirmative vote in a referendum on independence in September, there is little doubt that the people of Iraqi Kurdistan seek freedom from the Republic of Iraq. Last week’s vote in the autonomous region was overwhelming and showed that the country’s Kurds are deeply invested in a quest for self-determination reminiscent of our own more than 200 years ago. Yet the U.S. response was terse. The State Department said that Kurdistan’s independence would impede ... More
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Congressman Rooney Sponsors Bill to Cut Wasteful Government Programs
October 5, 2017
Congressman Rooney Sponsors Bill to Cut Wasteful Government Programs Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Francis Rooney introduced legislation to eliminate wasteful government spending programs currently existing within the Department of Education. The bill, H.R. 3957, would repeal Title VIII of the Higher Education Opportunity Act. This repeal will remove the ability to fund dozens of special interest programs, resulting in smaller government and less spending. Congressman Rooney stated. “Elimi... More
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