Water Quality

Southwest Florida’s top issue is water quality. We are working every day to fund Lake Okeechobee Watershed and Everglades Restoration projects.

Economy & Jobs

It’s time to get our economy moving again. Cutting taxes, reduce our obscene national debt, and eliminate burdensome regulations.


Our veterans deserve the highest quality care in the fastest and most dignified method possible. We must fix the VA.


Obamacare has failed. It is time to repeal and replace this fatally flawed law with free market, patient centric options.


Education is best handled by locally elected school boards. We will minimize federal intrusion and end common core.

National Security

Defeating radical Islamic terrorism, strengthening our military and securing our borders at home and abroad.

Congressman Rooney introduces a bill to reform our broken asylum system

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Washington, D.C. - Today, Congressman Francis Rooney introduced the Asylum Protection Act of 2019, a bill amending the Immigration and Nationality Act to reduce the deadline for asylum applications and require applicants to begin the asylum process at the time of their arrival at a legal port of entry. Congressman Rooney stated, “Illegal immigrants are abusing the asylum process in the United States. I introduced the Asylum Protection Act to shorten the deadlines by which asylum applications mus...

Congressman Francis Rooney Votes Against Obamacare – a Failed Social Experiment

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Washington, DC – Last evening, Congressman Rooney voted against legislation favorable towards the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Congressman Rooney stated, “We need to put patients first and Obamacare disrupted this important relationship. Congress must acknowledge Obamacare is a failed social experiment that sharply raised health cost for Americans across the country. For others, the increase in deductibles left individuals with insurance, but they could not afford the actual h...

Rooney files Algal Bloom legislation

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Washington, D.C. – Last night, Congressman Francis Rooney introduced bipartisan legislation to amend the Stafford Act to include algal blooms in the definition of a “major disaster.” This change would position FEMA to intervene after an algae outbreak. Congressman Rooney stated, “The health of our Southwest Florida waterways and ecosystems is vital to our economy – in addition the physical harm to people living in proximity to toxic algae is of great concern. We must make every effort possible t...

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