Water Quality

Southwest Florida’s top issue is water quality. We are working every day to fund Lake Okeechobee Watershed and Everglades Restoration projects.

Economy & Jobs

It’s time to get our economy moving again. Cutting taxes, reduce our obscene national debt, and eliminate burdensome regulations.


Our veterans deserve the highest quality care in the fastest and most dignified method possible. We must fix the VA.


Obamacare has failed. It is time to repeal and replace this fatally flawed law with free market, patient centric options.


Education is best handled by locally elected school boards. We will minimize federal intrusion and end common core.

National Security

Defeating radical Islamic terrorism, strengthening our military and securing our borders at home and abroad.

Universities aren't Protecting Free Speech - So I'm Introducing Legislation to do it for Them

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By Francis Rooney “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” This quote, attributed to Evelyn Beatrice Hall, is the embodiment of our First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Unfortunately, this constitutional right is under siege on university campuses across the country. Many colleges and universities use dangerous and insidious methods to suppress free speech. One example is “free speech zones”, which are specifically delineated areas on a campus w...

Representatives Rooney and Mucarsel-Powell Introduce Bill to Ban Harmful Chemicals in National Marine Sanctuaries

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Washington, DC – Today, Representative Rooney introduced bipartisan legislation along with Representative Mucarsel-Powell to ban the human use of oxybenzone and octinoxate near coral reefs in National Marine Sanctuary System including the Great Florida Reef found off the coast of the Florida Keys. Representative Rooney stated, “These chemicals are killing our coral reefs, which are vital to the marine ecosystem here in Florida and around the world. Reefs play a major role in preventing shore ero...

Rooney Introduces Bill to Ensure College Campuses Allow Free Speech Everywhere

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Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Francis Rooney introduced H.R. 1672, the Free Right to Expression in Education (FREE) Act. This legislation will prevent colleges from quarantining free expression and end unconstitutional zones used to stifle student speech. In combination with President Trump’s proposed Executive Order to cut off research funding to schools that do not respect freedom of speech, we can stop this erosion of our Constitutional rights. Congressman Rooney stated, “Many college...

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Universities Aren’t Protecting Free Speech — So I’m Introducing Legislation To Do It For Them https://t.co/aCZLCvyeAl via @dailycaller @RepRooney | 03.21.2019
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