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Securing our borders is a top national security priority. As a member of the Congressional Border Security Caucus, I will fight to protect our citizens against the harms of illegal immigration. We need to enforce current immigration laws to end the incentive for illegal immigration, and funding for sanctuary cities should be cut.

I have co-sponsored the following immigration related legislation to defend our borders and protect our citizens:

H.R. 2233, the American Jobs First Act- Too often, the H1-B visa system, designed to import temporary foreign high-skilled workers to address the shortage of qualified American workers, is abused. Cheaper entry-level foreign workers are used as a substitute for Americans. The American Jobs First Act would eliminate the pay discrepancy between foreign and American high-tech employees and would ensure the visas are only granted to qualified high-skilled workers instead of entry-level workers. 

H.R.391, the Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act- Asylum laws are frequently abused, allowing many who do not have a legitimate reason for seeking asylum to try and gain the privilege. The Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act would hold asylum seekers to higher standards to assure the United States is only granting asylum to those who truly need it, by adding a “credible fear” standard for admission and toughening requirements for seekers to claim asylum in the first county they enter.

H.R.80, the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act- The United States must vet people allowed into the country to eliminate any security risks to our people. The Resettlement Accountability National Security Act would tighten requirements and provide more reviews on refugee resettlement programs.

H.R.82, the Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act- This act would punish countries who refuse to take back their citizens who are criminal aliens by restricting foreign aid and restricting visas to their citizens.

H.R. 486, Grants Law- This act would end the “catch and release” of illegal immigrants who have been arrested for deportable crimes, protecting our citizens by not allowing these aliens to be released back into our communities.

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