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I am honored to serve on the Foreign Affairs Committee for the 115th Congress 


As a former U.S. Ambassador, I have witnessed first-hand the impact our foreign policy has across the globe. During the last eight years under President Obama, our country has seen a steady deterioration of our credibility around the world. In simple terms, the United States is no longer respected by our enemies and our allies are unsure of our intentions. President Obama's foreign policy short-comings were most apparent in his Administration’s relationship with our ally, Israel.  

A recent example of this occurred when the Obama Administration abstained from voting on UN Resolution 2334 regarding Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem. This vote strained our relationship with Israel, as President Obama abandoned our ally in failing to block this dangerously one-sided policy that ultimately harms prospects for a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace. I was proud to stand with Israel by supporting H.Res. 11, which denounces the resolution and shows Israel that America still has its back. While this is an important first step in repairing our relationship, our work is far from finished.

Israel has long been America's most trusted and loyal ally in the Middle East. Our two nations share many common values and have a mutual interest in pursuing a lasting peace agreement in the Middle East. Unfortunately, oftentimes international institutions and our other allies do not share this goal, making our relationship with Israel even more important. As a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I look forward to working with the new Administration and my colleagues to continue to repair and strengthen our relationship with our friend Israel.

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